Common misconceptions about homosexuality

N.E.Whitehead, Ph.D


The answers to these points are brief but they are backed up by hard research findings. People wanting to substantiate these answers further should download the book My Genes Made Me Do It - a scientific look at sexual orientation.

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1. Gays are 10% of the population backarrow

2. Gay relationships are as stable and long-lasting as those of heterosexuals backarrowforwardarrow

3. Gays are extremely promiscuous backarrowforwardarrow

4. Gays and lesbians are psychologically on par with heterosexuals backarrowforwardarrow

5. Gay psychological problems are a result of society's discrimination and rejection backarrowforwardarrow

6. Gays are born that way backarrowforwardarrow

7. Gays say that they have been this way ever since they can remember

8. Gays choose this lifestyle backarrowforwardarrow

9. Nobody knows how same sex attraction develops backarrowforwardarrow

10. Homosexual orientation cannot be changed backarrowforwardarrow

11. Gay teens need special support in schools backarrowforwardarrow

12. Therapy producing change in sexual orientation is damagingbackarrow

13. Private sexual acts do not affect society